A Kinder and Gentler XM Nation

 I’ts 7:29AM, on Friday, March 5th, Opie talks about Lynsi’s pregnancy, stuff that pokes out of the belly… it’s not “We’re due”…

“Do you realize I made a freaking spine today? I made eyeballs today.” – Lynsi according to Opie

Shit, Baby talk, yes, you will get alot of it.. and we will appreciate that you are going through it..

totally unrelated, here’s we are the world, let’s get some hits on this soon to be classic..

From this week:
Jimmy is a vulnerable and touched fellow from the hours of 6am- 7:30ish.. 

Opie Hughes continues to share some aspects of Lynsi’s pregnancy as thousands of parents recall their experiences. Looking forward to hearing Opie’s future attempts to lighten up his serious class.

I wish I could listen to more of this week, but the whole parenting gig makes it difficult, but what I heard was very entertaining, looking forward to catching up with the WOTW Countdown this weekend…


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