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Thanks Ant

Editor’s Note: I only blog about once every 3 months, which is not good practice for a blog, but it was necessary for a note about Anthony Cumia, who was recently fired from Sirius XM.  When you’ve tuned in for many years routinely to these guys, you get a one-sided connection to these voices on the radio.  I really enjoyed The Opie and Anthony Show and wish Opie, Anthony and Jim the best!!! 


Thanks Anthony Cumia for the laughs you have given me over the last few years.

I sigh heavily at the thought of just rehashing what has happened and what my take on it is, it clearly doesn’t matter.

Minds don’t get changed, but I know in my heart, that I support the honesty and the laughs you’ve given me, a housewife with 3 kids and ear buds.  I’m a grown woman that can turn off the radio when I hear a racist/sexist rant, and I have.  I believe in open dialog, even with opinions that are opposite of mine.

In all honesty, I can’t stand the hate that spews from anyone.  I want a kind gentle world, I have 3 angels I’m raising.. (that’s supposed to elicit nausea by the way) but guess what, this is not what we live in. And those 3 pumpkins will be dealing with the negative and the insecurities of others, and the baggage of those with hurt and pain.  When people are at their lowest they say some pretty despicable things, that’s life.  People are human. They make mistakes.  Why condemn them, when we should seek to understand, and become part of the conversation, and maybe look at the looming big issue?  If you start advocating for censorship even “indirectly” you start denying the opportunity for discussion and change.

There will always be hate in the world, unfortunately but I TRULY TRULY believe that laughter is so powerful that it is a door to understanding. My early morning listening ritual of O&A before the kids wake up made me laugh so many days.  It was right before (usually) anyone could get cranky, and the brutal honesty is something so different than what you got on housewife TV.  I look forward to checking out Anthony’s new podcast.  And I continue to listen to my favorite shock jock, Opie Hughes and the slim and funny Jimmy Norton.

Cool Shit to Check out:

If you want to check out some of the pieces that affected me this past week, here you go(this is such a mixed bag of stuff, but hey aren’t we all multi-faceted?):

Sirius Buzz: Best article yet on how SiriusXM transformed into “the MAAAAN” and has made podcasting more relevant,click here. Excerpt: “SiriusXM is walking the fine line of trying to be politically correct for everyone when what they should be doing is marketing themselves as a celebration in diversity, varied opinion, and standing proud of the fact that they can be a platform for controversial things that traditional audio entertainment outlets will not touch.”

@Cigarsnscotch piece on Gallows Humor:  “The people that I view as the real ghouls are the holier than thou art, sanctimonious scumbags that will bring the jokes to the attention of someone that they would hurt. They do so under the guise of consciousness and moral outrage, but they do it for no other reason than to make themselves look good.  They will selfishly inflict pain upon a victim in order to paint themselves as  pillars of justice and humanity. If there is anyone that should be reviled and met with contempt, it is someone like that. ”

Gilbert Gottfried (also Cigarsnscotch doppleganger) article about Apologies in 2014: ” “I’m sorry you were offended, because you are apparently incapable of distinguishing between the real world and the ironic fantasy world of comedy.”

Stevey Knight’s blog, that was well written that is similar to how I feel, and much better expressed than I would be able to…-”

Lionel Media– This guy talks alot… but he’s got a point.

Funny stuff via Mephisto :

Support from friends:


Jim Norton:

Penn Jillette:

Joe Rogan:

Jay Mohr:

A Music Interlude:

Ebony and Ivory performed by Carlton, sweet guy, with Ant:

Tammy Pescatelli:

Deepak Chopra and Rorschach

Lastly, an audio podcast, Rorschach‘s July 4th Solo Show on It’s All About Me on Morelikeradio: This was pretty refreshing, and inspiring, and most probably will call it New Age Crap.  But I was touched by it.  Anger is such a big part of Anthony, but if he would let it go, wouldn’t it be better for his soul?  Would he still be entertaining? Why or Why not? (callback to notsam) You can listen to Rorschach’s last few minutes about Anger on It’s All About Meee….(Fast Forward to 1:43)

Here’s the Deepak Chopra piece Rorschach plays and how he wants Ant to feel peace and not let the anger consume him.

Deepak- “Judgment creates turbulence in our mind. When there is turbulence in our mind, then it interferes with the creativity of our soul. Creativity and judgment don’t go together. Judgment also means that letting go of the need to classify things, to call them either right or wrong, to label, to define, to describe, to evaluate, to analyze.

Let go, today. Judge not today. Today I will practice non-judgment.

This affirmation is about releasing the need to be judgmental. Just make this your lesson today. Consider what happens when you judge someone – it makes another person wrong. Someone else is wrong to feel a certain way, to look a certain way, to hold certain opinions. Judgment immediately creates separation. Any person who is wrong then becomes ‘them’. The need to judge arises from the need to be isolated – this is the ego’s form of defense. But at the same time you are pulling away from your true self. The same walls that keep other people away also shut off the flow of Spirit.
When you learn not to judge, you are basically saying, “I am willing to let anything in without deciding first whether it is good or bad.”

In the practice of openness, you will be inviting your soul to be intimate with you. So put your attention in your heart right now, and just repeat to yourself:

Today, I will judge nothing that occurs.
Today, I will judge nothing that occurs.
Today, I will judge nothing that occurs.
And by letting go of my judgments today, I will experience silence in my mind.
By shedding the burden of judgment today, I will experience silence in my mind.
And in this silence, I will find the ecstatic impulse, which is also the evolutionary impulse of the universe.
And I will align myself with the ecstatic evolutionary impulse of the universe, by letting go of all my judgments.
Today, I will not classify
I will not label
I will not define
I will not describe
I will not evaluate
I will not analyze.
Today, I will shed the burden of judgment.”

In conclusion:


Scammer hate

I hate deception.
I’m sure everyone does, but it really bothers me how people want to take advantage of others. So I got a message the other day…

20140407 143311 from Moms foropie on Vimeo.

“We have received a legal petition notice against your name concerning a tax fraud, a tax evasion. So before this matter goes to the federal claim court house, or before you get arrested by the county sheriffs, can you call us back on our call back number which is 866-978-8345? I repeat 866-978-8345. Don’t… disregard this message and do return the call. Again, this is Sebastian Dusk from Tax Audit department. To know more about this case, kindly press 1 now. To ignore this message please press 9. You have a blessed day. Good bye.”

Apparently this guy gets around, since April 1st has been calling so much that there is a thread about him on


from 800 notes (the number the guy called me from) Someone posted this about him

from 800 notes (the number the guy called me from) Someone posted this about him

So if anyone has an idea on how to punish this guy let me know. I’m calling the IRS to report him, but thought maybe the OA community could do something….

Opie do you want to call this guy on the radio?

Would be fun… steals peoples pictures to promote shit

Imagine that your family member made an awesome transformation and lost 45lbs.

Then you see a shitty company take the credit for it. When they had absolutely NOTHING to do with it.

This is what happened to @Suzesmuses, a fellow OA and R&F listener and supermom. Her daughter @megannnlee_  is pretty amazing and if you want to know the real story of how she lost the weight you should follow her.


So I’ll be reporting @iive_Fit and @WeightLossWire for spam (they are clone accounts), and you should too…. And don’t click on any links from them.

Orphan Fun

Awkward title but stay with me..  Why would you click on this? Just kidding, I wanted you too..

I will talk about fictional orphans though.

What the hell were we thinking taking my kids to see Oliver the musical?

  1. When my husband and I went on a trip to London, thanks to his dad’s credit card, we enjoyed a brilliant production of Oliver that was truly amazing and dynamic.
  2. Grandma got us free tickets to our local theater!
  3. Kids liked Annie, why wouldn’t they like Oliver? When we attended the middle school production of Annie, it appeared that they had a good time and the whole orphan theme works for them, let’s continue.

Clearly I totally forgot the whole premise of the movie, and that it wouldn’t work well for 3 kids 8 and under. From “common sense media” (a pretty good resource for seeing what is “age appropriate” with detailed descriptions so you the parent can decide if it makes sense for your kid to see the film.):

“It’s warm and memorable — and won six Oscars, including Best Picture — but some of the scenes depicting street urchins and the poor of London in the mid-1800s might be troublesome for some families. Some of the younger characters are shown smoking pipes, and their “employer,” the notorious Fagin, leader of their gang of pickpockets, has them drink gin. There are also scenes were poor people sing and carouse in a tavern. ”

Common sense media rated Oliver as age 8 for a good age, whereas Annie is age 6.

I also forgot how squirmy a 4yo girl would be, and even though they had booster seats for the chairs, she would take advantage of the slope at the end of the chair and keep sliding off her chair as if her seat was a tiny playground.

booster chair.png

Then she was confused of the pretty curtain, and thinking that it wasn’t really a play but a movie.

Then came the whispered questions, which four-year-olds are amazing at coming up with many of them.

Why is there a curtain?

Where are the people?

Is this a movie too?

Is the scene outside?

I said you have to be quiet and save your questions for the end.  Well it’s kind of outside, it seems like a courtyard, and I don’t know really.. hm… Be quiet ok?  I’ll get you a lollipop later. No this isn’t real life, technically, they are actors, those kids really have parents, I think..

Then the squirming began. I had my daughter on my lap and had to crane my neck to half-enjoy the performance. She’s gotten longer so she couldn’t quite fit comfortably for a nap.  I tried my best not to ruin the experience for our neighbors, the heavyset gentleman me earlier displaced from his seat.  (Dude, the seat numbers are on the chairs) and  the kind mom next to us was pretty understanding who had her daughter who was alot older than mine. She remembered when she took her daughter the first time and gave me that “I’ve been there” look.

I guess their lack of interest was good since they won’t be tempted to “pick a pocket or two” one of the catchy songs.. My daughter did like the food song.  My husband with the 2 boys who sat in a different section did not have one positive thing to share with me of the boys enjoying it, as he made the rolling eyes sign to me at the end of the intermission, followed by the let’s get out of here now thumb signal.  My 8yo looked like he just lost all his toys in a fire. So we left before it got worse, and someone may start sending us passive aggressive notes.  Though I would’ve enjoyed a glass of wine. (a la @theyearofelan news story)

Oh well, the more you know… The boys advised me maybe next time they can see a trailer or something before we waste money on a ticket.

Maybe we should see something more Star Wars-esque next time. Or superheroes, those are really cool.

Until next time,


PS: Is there a play that your kids absolutely loved?  Let us know in the comments!

7 Questions with Linzbella

Presenting our first interview on ParentsforOpie, with the lovely Linzbella!!! I first heard about Linz when she called into the Opie and Anthony Show about the Boston Marathon bombing. She knew one of the victims personally and defended him while Alex Jones spewed his conspiracy bullshit. Girl can hold her own! Well then we got to know her on twitter and the rest is history. We got a chance to ask her a few questions about O&A and parenting. 



How were you introduced to O&A?

I started off, back in / around 2005, listening to Howard Stern. One day, in 06? I heard him bitching about these guys named Opie and Anthony, so I decided to check them out. Haven’t left since… and I now despise Howard Stern. Not to mention, their show is the perfect combination of funny and serious, and they actually have really great content. it’s hard for me to get to work in the morning, because I never want to turn them off.

Besides health and happiness, if you could wish one thing for each of your kids, what would it be?

That they always remember to show kindness to others, do what they can to be upstanding people in society, and to remain passionate about life and the things they enjoy doing. (provided they are not illegal. 🙂 )

What is the biggest challenge for you in parenthood?

For me, the hardest part about being a parent is balancing everything. While multi-tasking is part of being a mom, it is so hard to equally divide your time / attention to all three children. I’d also say that many times, I am overly critical of myself; constantly worried that I am being too lenient, or other times, too harsh.

Bullies. How do you deal with bullies yourself? and what
would you advise a parent to do if their kids are being bullied?

Bullying is THE ONE THING I cannot stand. I was bullied throughout my middle- high school years, and it is an extremely sore spot for me. The way I deal with bullies, is typically, I try to talk it out with them. Sometimes, you cannot reason with them, but many times, the ones that keep talking, say more about themselves as a person, than it does about you. I try to remember, depending on the forum, that many times, these people know nothing about me, so their opinion of me does not matter. Typically, I’m a fighter; I stand up for what I believe in, and I never let anyone push me around. I’m better in real life confrontations than I am on Twitter though.
As a parent if my kids are being bullied, depending on the severity of the situation, I try to let the kids work it out on their own. Generally, I’ll give my kids advice, and if it escalates after that, I would try to contact the school or the bullies’ parent and discuss the issue. I haven’t had any of my children be bullied, (thank god).

Being O&A listeners I know many of us have the sense of humor and don’t take things too seriously when it comes to radio entertainment, but are there any hot buttons that would make you change the channel?

You know, this is a great question… So far, I haven’t heard anything on O&A that has made me want to change the channel. Things have made me mad, but generally, that makes me want to listen more. I would have to say the one thing that I cannot stand, is a boring show. When they have these snoozefests on, I don’t mind turning it off, because I feel like I’m not missing much.

What is your favorite O&A bit?

Anything with Jim Norton, and his “personalities” they all make me laugh, Chippa’s my fave.. And back in the day, when they used to have homeless people on the show. Always made me laugh. Oh!! and Lady Di tweeting out her phone number was probably the best thing I have heard this year; aside from my fight with Alex Jones. 🙂

What is your superpower?

I am really good at fixing other people’s mistakes, and good at giving relationship advice. 🙂

Thanks Linz for sharing with us, and I hope you guys check out her out on Twitter.  Check out a great interview she did on the @ItsAllAbout podcast here

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Hoopla

It’s here! It’s here!  The day that some people can’t wait for.. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode!  I’m a fan, but not a super fan like some people.  I love David Tennant, so I’m pretty psyched to see it from what has been shown in the trailers.  

Here’s a few things to check out today, if you have an interest in all things #doctorWho:

BBC America- at 2:50pm Eastern Time- simulcast- Also at 7PM tonight (Nov 23).  Check out the BBC America schedule here #DoctorWho50thAnniversary Show with @erockradio at 1pm today – link here 

Check out the awesome BBC Doctor Who Timeline here

Play the google doodle Doctor Who game here

Follow Doctor Who Fan @erockradio here

Some cool pictures from the filming of the 50th are in this Latimes article

Check out one of the doctor’s biggest fans, Jeremiah McDonald, who is the maker of many great viral videos including “Conversation with my 12 year old self”. This is what Steven Moffat tweeted about that great vid:



 He will have his tribute to Doctor Who, via youtube.  I’m excited about it he does some really excellent work.

Here is a preview.

Will update when he posts the finished product!!! 
It’s here!!!

Great job, well done Jeremiah!

Do you have something to add?  Add to our comments below!!!